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Septic Service in Onondaga, Oswego, & Madison Counties

Jack septic car—Excavation Contractors in Syracuse, NY
Jack septic service car on road—Excavation Contractors in Syracuse, NY
Jack septic service truck—Excavation Contractors in Syracuse, NY
At Jack's Septic Service Inc, we know that our customers want their experience to be convenient and efficient. They also require a wide selection of services and knowledge about various aspects of septic tanks and drain cleaning.
Jack's Septic Service Inc has several different ways of making sure that your drains are running smoothly. The most efficient way to clean your pipes is by Jetting. This method uses a machine that runs high pressure water at 20 gallons per minute at 4000 psi through the pipes at high speeds, breaking up and loosening all of the debris which has built up to create a clog. This is our primary way of cleaning which is safe, easy and efficient for your pipes.
Another way is to cable out the pipes. This method is necessary for solid clog such as roots. We also have a Vacuum Truck for cleaning grease traps and septic tanks.

What to expect from us:

  • 7 Day Emergency Service
  • Phones answered by professional staff, NOT an answering machine service

Services we provide:

  • Septic Tanks and Drain Fields Repaired and Installed
  • Leach Field Lines Rooted, High Presure Jetted and Cleaned
  • Septic Tank Pumping & Repair
  • Septic & Sewer Pumps Installed
  • Power Rooter Snaking & Drain Cleaning Lines
  • Televising / Locating
  • Grease Trap Service
  • Septic Dye Tests / Complete Inspections
  • Mainlines / Floor Drains
  • Grease Traps Pumped Jetted & Rooted
  • Septic System Repair and Replacement
  • High Pressure (Jetter) Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Fully Equipped Vans
  • 3 Tanker Trucks (Vacuum truck)
  • 2 Trucks Equipped with Jetting & Vacuum Service
  • Tanks Pumped From Driveway or Roadside
  • Extra Long Hose to Protect Your Lawn
  • Troubleshooting Septic Problems Even Installed by Another Company
  • And More!

Grease Trap Services

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping grease traps in good working order. The pumping and cleaning schedule will depend on the most efficient and cost effective schedule for the customer's needs whether it is monthly, or every six months.

Jack's keeps track of your grease trap maintenance and the condition of the grease traps. We provide through pumping of the entire contents of the traps, not just skimming the grease and some water, the particulate matter that settles to the bottom of the trap is pumped out also. The walls of the trap are scraped. The actions are necessary to keep the grease traps in good working order and order free. Regular grease trap maintenance would:
  • Eliminate odors
  • Prevent floor drain and other backups
  • Reduce repair costs due to neglect
Septic Service - Excavation Contractors in Syracuse, NY

Septic dye Testing

Septic Dye Testing is a procedure used to determine the condition of the components of a home's waste system. Jack's can perform a septic dye test to help expose obvious leaks and inadequacies in your septic system that may indicate the need for repairs or alterations.

Choose Jack's Septic Service

Jack's Septic Service Inc services all types of restaurants, from large chains to small cafes all over central New York. Automatic scheduling is available, as is emergency service. We aim for a lifetime relationship with our customers providing you with the highest level of service and satisfaction. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly schedules for grease trap cleaning based on the flow and type of restaurant being serviced, as required by your local health department or onsite disposal system requirements. We also have a full ensemble of drain-line cleaning and inspection equipment ranging from water jetting to video recording which helps to solve all drain-line blockage problems. For an estimate for services give us a call today!

Preventing Maintenance is imperative to insure your company does not experience an unwanted emergency. All personnel are trained and available for consultation. Preventative Maintenance has proven to be cost effective for all our customers over the last 20 years.
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